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Some Good News stories

10 August 2016

Most of us are uplifted when we hear or see something positive happening in our community. I am fortunate to come across numerous examples on a regular basis and I share a few real life happenings that have been in my world for various reasons this past week. Perhaps they inspire or touch your heart and generate a smile – or maybe even encourage you to share your own uplifting stories and experiences?!

Boyan Slat as a teenager wowed the world with his ideas of how to clean up the oceans of plastic. With a variety of helpers the prototype is now underway in the NorthSea – follow the progress of this innovative project:

Holistic healthy support for autistic children and their families – Denniz and Chrissy continue to support other families as their own Autistic son has evolved through their dedicated approach.



(Australia) Indigenous Milingimbi Art and Culture Centre is a sustainable local initiative to preserve and develop aboriginal art and culture – I have a couple of their baskets in my home that add a beautiful energy!