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Retreats and Events

Why join a group?

Coming together in a supportive environment with an opportunity for guidance and encouragement can increase the potential to see yourself and others more clearly. Personally, I have gained much from participating in workshops, seminars, gatherings, conferences and other forms of coming together. Consequently I encourage participation in groups if you wish to further your understanding and experience of self. In the various groups that I facilitate the emphasis is on experiential learning – various a medley exercises designed to support you to realise your own answers – amongst opportunities for communication with one another and inspiration. Thus, what you gain from the group is truly your own - and goes home with you.

Intuition/Psychic Development Seminars and Talks

Satori Self Discovery Residential 6 Day Retreat

Meditation for Living Residential Retreats

Sustainable Business Strategies (SBS)

Discover Your True Self - an inward journey

Natural Born Woman - A call to all Women