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Inspirational Poetry

Your Calling Has Come

Your calling has come.
Do you hear?
The ring of truth?
Know nothing now,
For all will unfold
In time & space
As it will
Nothing to do
Nowhere to go
Simply live,
Receive  and abound
in grace.

Into Life I Step

Into life I step
Fearfully, tentatively,
Little do I know
Of the neutrality
Of life
Allowing me to have
whatever reality


In love I treasure,
The heart
Of humanity
May we all know
the grace and fullness
of true peace


I call upon
The highest source
To guide & support
Through the mire and muddiness
Of emotions and mind
To find my own true
Innocence and natural
state of grace.


Healing waves
Leaping and dancing,
Reminding of delight and laughter,
Sometimes overwhelming and pounding,
Only to uplift and deliver me to
the soft sandy shore where I find my own feet
And walk again into life.


At times I despair
That there can indeed be peace
Within and without
Then a moment happens
Of perfection
Of duality
Of life
And I remember
this timeless quality
that I and all of life ‘is’.

Bottomless Cup

Can we capture a moment?
Still the movement?
For what gain?
To remember past glory?
Can we keep the cup full
take a sip of tea
this moment
and this moment
and life continues to fill your cup
the cup is bottomless if we let it be...


I allow my being its fullness
to be
to express passionately
to live
to grow
to rejoice
to celebrate
I am going forth from now,
this moment, in ultimate glory
I invite my passion,
to live it, feel it,
in every cell
to come alive and tingle all over
and not know from moment to moment
who I am
where I am going
what is my calling - just to live now!

Awakening Poet

Now the poet awakens.
With sensation pervading the body, the tingle,
the orgasm as the spirit inhabits the body.
It is the poet returning to live.
To awaken the soul to the joy the delight of being alive.
With whisperings of a travelling muse
encouraging and fanning the flame of creativity.
Oh this wonderful journey to explore and express our inner divinity
So does it lead me round and round the world
admist the forest and fields of beings
Oh forth I go, on the endless journey of fun,
light, laughter and delight!

Who Am I?

Who am I?
Where did I come from?
Where am I going?
Why do I feel I need to move?
To be different?
This need to seek?
This need to communicate?
What is this inner drive & passion to find out who I am?
And under every ‘I am’ to find the illusion of what I am not?
Is that who I am?
If I find who I am - will I know?
And will I then be fulfilled?
Am I questing past the obvious?
Seeking the maiden in the dream?
You say it is ‘now’
My question then is what is ‘now’
To whom do I turn?
You say it is I.
I know you not.
I say.
But who am I?
The circle.
No beginning, no end.
No here, no there, no now.
There is no time.
So what can I find?
I am nothing?

Inner Essence

Let ye wander the world within
the inner essence
the oil of life
that ignites your
flame of passion
to experience this
glorious human dimension!

Your Time

Dance truly and wildly
in dense mists of duality,
with total passion and intensity
so then shall the veil lift
to truly experience
the dawn of time,
your time

New Time

We enter now into a new time
A time of love, peace and harmony.
Where we will see each other with compassion,
with care and sincerity.
Where we can experience of merging together,
a melting of boundaries and separations.
Embrace and invite this new vibration,
nourish it as you would a delicate new baby,
feel it strengthen within you and within others.
This time is our time, our time to celebrate, to revel in.
Now is a new time

Coming Home

Exploring past the boundaries
of what is known
to find the fragments of
the long forgotten truth
of my own soul
Experiencing the expansive wonder of this
that is


With the land I can expand
With the sky I am reminded of the infinite
In my heart I know all that has been and all that is to come
In my soul I am wisdom
In my being I express eternal truth - by simply being me

Being Alive

Do I
Have the courage to live life,
Following that small quiet voice inside
Opening to the delight
Of being alive!

Do You Dare?

Do you dare to listen?
And to act?
When no path is obvious?
When something unknown beckons?
Feeling the tremors of fear and trembling with excitement
At the same time
Creating life beyond the known boundaries!

Marital Bliss

Is it my imagination?
Or do I truly hear
The whispers of miracles
The taste of possibility
How will I know if it is truth
Unless I step forth
And engage my life
And marry my own potential


I awake with wonder
seeing the beauty within and without
treasuring all that I am
taking the space and time to celebrate
this miracle of being alive!


Trembling and fragile,
Like a tender new seedling emerging from the earth.
My heart ripe, yet tight like a closed flower bud.
Now tasting the dew of the aliveness of springtime,
Inviting my heart to open and burst into blossom
Shining forth my uniqueness and glorious beauty.


Feeling enfolded in soft cotton,
the scent of fresh roses floating in the breeze.
Experiencing the soft embrace of my own arms,
the gentle encouragement of my own voice.
Touched by the unconditional love of my own spirit,
Yes, Yes...
I immerse myself in this gentleness for eternity.

Stepping Forth

I step forth,
into what I do not know.
Knowing only that I must take this forward direction,
this winding road of possibility.
Perhaps I will uncover my wildest dreams,
or discover my secret passion.
At the very least I will be alive,
and know that I tried.


Round and round I seem to travel,
Knowing only the story of my mind.
Nervously considering what may lie
Beyond the edge of my mind.
If only I can find the courage …
What is this growing in my belly?
Courage you say?
Could it be true?
Ahhhhhhhhhh … I jumped my first step!
I know courage now,
this is a welcome friend,
Always at my side ready for action.

My Own Light

In my darkest hour
I find inner depths and darkness
Which are the sentinels of the gateway
to my strength and power,
Allowing my own light shining forth brilliantly.


Can I be open to giving & receiving?
with delight and togetherness?
Releasing stressful situations
Letting the past be the past.
Allowing my passion to stimulate
My vision - and - creativity
into action.
So that I am truly
enjoying the bountiful gifts
of life
the freedom of my spirit

Here, Now

Where can I be but here?
Realising that I can only be here,
That the future is not here
The past is not here,
Yet I am here, now, simply me - enough!

Softly Glowing

As I gaze up into the moon,
Seeing the brilliant light
Subtly shine on my surroundings
Illuminating everything with a gentle glow.
I deeply realise that my own eyes can soften,
My own light can gently touch all that surround me.


Into the dawn of time I delve,
stretching to all horizons far and wide,
asking all peoples, sages and gods,
to find answers to my unending questions.
Only to discover the answers are under my nose,
within my own self!


I pose a question –
What is honesty?
If I am honest,
I would answer
I do not know.
Do I truly dare to be nakedly honest?


Letting my deep self
Wander the realms of dream-time
The misty world between worlds
Where clarity and wisdom reign
Where the mind slumbers like a child
Drawing forth naturally the guidance
My own soul wishes to be known.

Magical Dancing

Dancing in the magic fairy glen,
surrounded by ghosts of times gone past,
igniting the mysteries and stories
of my own soul’s journey.
In this passionate dance
I uncover ancient wisdom
living deep within my cells
waiting to be unleashed!

Facing Fear

Always running from unseen fear,
My heart pounding, my body trembling,
I finally turn to face this unseen horror –
Only to discover the fear and darkness
fades to light as my gaze descends upon it.
What freeing power it is to discover
that there is no need to run, to hide.

Flowing Like Water

Sitting simply watching
the water flowing down the valley.
No set path,
meandering and wandering
where there is ease and natural flow.
Oh to know this simple peace,
where nothing is an obstacle or barrier,
simply a turning point or curve in the flow...
Flowing like water

Current Of Life

In the current of life
I twirl and swirl
not knowing up nor down.
Through the rapids and down the waterfall,
into the calm still pool.
Now realising the water is the same
no matter what part of the river of life I am in!

Butterflies & Birds

Whispering kisses in the wind
lightly caressing the empty spaces
tantalising, energising
inviting and tempting
to realise that
dreams and fantasies
are truly real!