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News update from Kira, August 2016

Published: 22 August 2016

News Update from Kira Kay, August 2016
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Hello dear friends,

I happened across something surprising this morning – my local news provider now has a dedicated segment for “good news,” news that is uplifting, news about people inspiring, supporting and helping other people. I would love that this would be our “main” news and that we would have much smaller sections of what is currently our main news – dedicated news of war, murders and misfortune that incites fear, mistrust and anxiety. What might our world be like if this was turned around? If good news dominated our airwaves, TVs and the internet?

I do truly believe that humans are inherently kind and compassionate. We are born with natural capacity for all emotions, and with empathy – the ability to understand and feel what others experience. We are biologically designed to be in communities, to support one another for survival. Yet most of us these days are conditioned to look at life through the lenses of fear and mistrust, to center our survival on our self and not our whole community. With these coloured lenses it is easier to understand the assumptions and confusion that arise – cementing further the belief that we live in an unsafe world – and the consequent dysfunction of healthy communities.

Sure, there are people who will misuse and take advantage of others – especially the vulnerable – however in my opinion these are a minority. They gain power, prestige and dominance when we “give” them power, when we invest in fear and anxiety. The majority of us wish to live lives of peace, harmony and ease - no matter our colour, culture, gender or spiritual belief. We want to be treated with respect, kindness, love, and appreciation and to feel valued, seen, and heard, and to experience a sense of belonging.

Take a moment now to listen inside your own heart and allow your deepest truths. How would you truly like others to treat you, to see you? Breathe a few breaths and really reflect upon that question. I can imagine that many of you reading this will have come up with words such as: kindness, respect, with love, inclusion, empathy, and compassion. I doubt that many of you came up with words such as: hatred, disregard, exclusion, less than, lower than, judgement or animosity.

Given the dominance of a negative focus in our media and the current culture of dramatic reporting on death, disturbances and disasters as a main focus and the emphasis on how unsafe we are (escalating even further this past decade with the overuse of the word terrorism) it is no wonder that we become paranoid and untrusting of our fellow human beings. This out-of-balance media reporting has also normalised aberrant behaviours; we incorporate into everyday usage words, actions and games that accept rape, murder and hate crimes. These are not normal. A well-balanced person will find it incredibly difficult to truly kill another person. But if they have had thousands of hours witnessing and vicariously killing of other people through media, it becomes far easier. Is this really normal? No, it is not.

Can we make a difference? Can we reverse this perversion of our naturally compassionate nature? Yes, we can. Is it difficult? No, it isn’t. We simply need to practice healthy habits and encourage that in our families and communities, to realign with our true nature, to consciously remember that we do wish to be cared for, that we do wish to care for others – that love does heal.

People who commit horrendous crimes of murder or otherwise cause pain and suffering are not in balance. It does not help to condemn them. Our hate and anger will simply fuel their imbalance and further create potential suffering and drama. These people need our care, love and understanding. Some may have the psychological or even biological incapacity to change or evolve into natural balance, yet they still require love and compassion to find a way and place to be that is safe for themselves and others.

I have dedicated my life to exploring humanity – my own and others. I consider it a life-long exploration that never ends. What I have discovered for myself thus far is that being a human is truly a gift. It may not always be easy to see it as a gift, as we may have such a variety of emotions and experiences that are not all pleasant. Nonetheless, I genuinely consider all aspects of being human is a gift. I have had the privilege, throughout my life, of being immersed in several different cultures and countries. This has given me a window of insight underneath our cultural and religious beliefs, beyond the colour of our skin. What I see is that we all aspire to the same essential truths – to be loved and accepted, to belong.

If you have read this far then I heart-fully ask you to join me in the revolution of love and compassion. To join a wave of compassion in action that is already gaining momentum. Many people are choosing to act from their heart, to listen to their own inner wisdom and intuition rather than their conditioned beliefs. I am thankful to have met many such people. And every single person who consciously joins this compassion in action has a multiplying effect. Join us.

It can be as simple as when you are walking down the street or on public transport to genuinely smile at other people, to meet their eyes with respectful feeling. You will benefit from this, as when another person feels “seen” they light up, they shine as if a flower has opened. This fragrance of opening affects all of us. As you give of yourself so you will gain.

If you hear of someone requiring assistance, volunteer. Choose to be proactive in supporting. When we help another person sincerely from our heart it is often so rewarding to see their relief and gratitude. I can say honestly that wherever you are, whichever country/city/town, there is a need for a helping hand. Reach out your hand, your heart. My personal experience in doing this is that I gain tenfold back what I give out. If you feel to share news with other people, either over a coffee or by media, consciously choose good news – uplifting stories of what is positively happening. Choose to look for healthy initiatives in your own life and the communities around you. Be mindful of the language that you use in everyday situations. Is it focused on negative, or opening outcomes? What we think, what we invest in, literally creates the reality in which we live – what do you choose to invest in? And therefore directly benefit from ????

Many of you know of my involvement in Nepal with supporting of local initiatives to uplift people – it has continued to be an amazing journey of growth of development for all of us involved this past year post earthquake – visit my charity website: for news updates and progress. I can certainly say this is one good news initiative that I have been directly involved with and can invite others to collaborate with us further! And thank you to everyone who has heartfully supported and participated this past year - there is much continuing to unfold in our rebuilding efforts and I appreciate the continued support and encouragement from many of you.

I hope with this message I have inspired you to consider your potential to uplift
others & yourself. Together we do make a difference to ourselves & each other!

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Coming together in a supportive environment with guidance and encouragement can help you to see yourself and others more clearly with compassion.

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August 25–28th Intuition & Meditation for Daily Life: held out at Zegg community. Carlos will join Kira with his Crystal Delight sounds & Rafael with meditative yoga, which adds variety & depth to our time together, join us in exploring inner wisdom & truth with fun.
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I look forward to stay in touch and meeting up with some of you
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