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Respond with kindness and care … not fear.

Published: 22 December 2016

Thank you for those who reached out to ask if I was safe after the heartbreaking event in Berlin (Dec 19th) - I was not in Berlin at the time but in Australia far from the current event physically yet close in my heart to all these who maybe feeling distress, sadness and fear right now. I deeply feel for those who are directly affected and share my heartfelt love & care & simply holding "you" 

I sincerely ask all of us right now to respond to each other with kindness and care ... and to not support fear. Events like this are perpetuated by those who are not in balance - they need our compassion, not fear & aggression. This does not negate grief or heart ache - it is truly human to feel for those who have lost their lives so suddenly and violently, and I especially feel for their families and beloveds who may struggle right now to understand what has happened. Yet I truly ask all my friends to reach inside to find a deeper capacity for truth and understanding right now. And to be particularly aware of what stories you share and post online. I suggest that you ask yourself if the communication you are intending on sharing is invoking compassion or fear? For another human to intentionally cause harm or death to another generally means they are not mentally stable/balanced - which can be for various reasons. Being angry "at" them does not help anyone. If anger or upset is arising then perhaps delve inside to find another level of truth for yourself and explore what that might mean for you.

And, I say again, I feel deeply for those who have personally been affected by this Berlin event either directly or indirectly ... as I feel with so many who are feeling the effects of man made &/or natural violent events unfolding around the world ... May we turn to each other in times of despair with kindness and care ❤️