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Give a Gift of Giving - that Keeps On Giving!

24 December 2017

Give a Gift of Giving - that Keeps On Giving!

Wishing everyone a delightfully lovely & relaxed Christmas!

For many of us, as this Holiday season unfolds, we enter the season of giving and receiving. I personally experience giving as a gift of receiving. As I give of my time, energy or money I enjoy seeing others gain benefit – creating a round circle of giving and receiving. Therefore I heartfully invite all my friends and family to give generously this season and enjoy the benefits of doing so! And, I can highlight my own social welfare projects in Nepal as a good option for gifting! Perhaps share of your own abundance to benefit others

Many of you already know of my efforts in Nepal, mostly supporting education and empowerment for children and women - including safe eco-rebuilding, post 2015 earthquake.

Over the past 17 years, I have been blessed with this journey of supporting others, seeing them evolve and grow into their potential. I do, however, really need ongoing funds to help these efforts continue into the future, so your donations are very much welcomed. Maybe your business/work holiday gathering can make a collection on our behalf? (I can offer tax receipts for EU donations.)

I welcome you to share this note far and wide with your colleagues, friends and family, as you enjoy this festive season of joy and giving!

This link is my current Wish List. All donated funds are used directly in Nepal. My own time and effort are 100% volunteered!

For (good!) news and information about the various projects that I am supporting please visit:

Donations can be made:

1. By sending to my German Charity account:
Account name: Hands with Hands e.V.
Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG - address: Christstraße 9, 44789 Bochum, Germany
IBAN: DE46 4306 0967 1135 8729 00
(Receipt for tax within EU available if donations made to this account)

2. Via PayPal, "send" funds to:
3. For direct deposit to one of projects directly in Nepal email Kira contact Kira for instructions

May this ‘Gift of Giving’
bring you
heartfelt Joy
as it brings hope, trust 🙏
and a positive outlook
to those families it will benefit.
Hands–with-Hands we do all Build a Better Future!