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New Years Day Greetings - 2018

1st January 2018

I found myself sitting quietly in the forest at sunrise 2018 reflecting on the gifts, the opportunities, the potential of this year ahead – a practice that I like to do each year. I find it helps to become aware of the openings and to highlight what I may step into, of what may be of support for this year 2018. (to listen to my voice recording scroll to end)

As I tune in this morning I get a reminder of patience – that things may not happen as fast or in the direction that I may wish or want. Yet if I give space, allow myself to relax and even literally to sit down, feel the air on my skin, hear the sounds around me, feel my breath in my body – to really feel my-self – then I may gain greater wisdom to deal with the problems and obstacles that may present on the path ahead. It may also support me to be in the right place and time to see the gifts that may not be so obvious, the new growths that may need the quiet and subtlety to see clearly. When I think of the wider world, the economy, the geo-political issues that feels very relevant. The world around us can seem according to everyday news very dramatic or disturbing and yet as we take a breath and allow ourselves to come into a stillness we may touch that innate natural goodness we all have within us, where healthy growth arises, where empathy and compassion live.

As I sit right now in the forest, one that like many forest has undergone trials and fires and some of the old trees are falling down and some bearing deep burns, and yet all around me in new growth, new trees, old trees, brushes with fresh new growth, a reminder of how resilient we are – human beings, the earth, nature – how our natural aspiration to grow is dominant within all of us. And maybe that is a good thing to remember in 2018 as things unfold both in our personal lives and in the wider world around us – to not get caught up in the drama, to remember to take that breath and to come back within, remembering to find the many things to be grateful for in our lives. As I was walking up to my sunrise place I was reflecting on being grateful that the sun does rise every day – even if I am unaware of it, the clouds may obscure it or I may be busy and occupied with my life and not be consciously aware of this amazing gift of life that the sun is sharing with us every single day.

I think each one of us can find many things small and large to be thankful and grateful for. I know when I am in touch with that gratefulness it is much easier to not only see the blessings I am grateful for but also more about everything including the difficulties or problems, to perceive clearly and have insight and understanding that can help me navigate with more ease. To remember that there is always support around even when we may feel very forsaken, left behind or abandoned by others – to remember that indeed we are not – that we are loved, we are cared about even if some days we are not in touch with that truth, just as some days we do not notice the sun bringing its light and the gift of life it bequeaths us. And maybe it is good to keep in mind this year that most of us at some time feel very alone, unloved and unappreciated so I would encourage all of us this year to say to those we love, to friends, to perfect strangers – thank you, I see you, I appreciate you, I love you, I value what you bring into my life, in this day in this situation, to me. To remind each other that we really do care.

Often when we see a young child or animal we can allow our love and caring to flow more abundantly – so I invite us all in 2018 to perhaps consider that those people who trigger or upset us the most need our love and care even more than the innocents where it is easy to love. To find moments this year to relax and to breath and perhaps find some nature to remind you of the alive stillness that can often naturally remind us of the truths and inner wisdom that can evoke the experience of subtle aliveness – still, still moving. To touch this place within us to find our deeper wisdom, to find the peace and understanding and our potential for compassion for ourselves and each other no matter what is arising no matter what seeming difficult situations occur – to remember that we are supported, that love does prevail, that humanity individually and collectively, does have a greater potential of caring and compassion. That is the intention I am holding forward for myself this year, for my friends for all of humanity. I hold the intention that we can find the new beginnings again and again despite what might arise.

I wish everyone a wonderful new year and look forward to our paths crossing and may we all have peace, fulfillment, delight, and joy, laughter the ability to smile no mater what unfolds on the path ahead! With much love to everyone – Kira Kay