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Kira's Blog

Education makes a difference

15th April 2018

My involvement in Nepal (now 18 years!) has truly informed me how much education makes a difference - to individuals, their community and the entire country. Education and skills training empowers a person and is in my opinion one of the main pillars to alleviate poverty in our world. I do think we can take it for granted in our western countries how much we have available to our children and youth! Being involved with schools here in Nepal and being part of the support to evolve them into facilities that can provide a range of education and skills has been enlightening and heart touching. The past few days I have attended handover ceremonies of two education facilities in the earthquake devastated Sindhulpalchok district and it has brought me joy and heartfelt smiles to see these facilities now ready for the new school year to provide a safe place for children to learn and teachers to teach! I have joined hands with Terse SecondarySchool since there was only 3 classrooms in 2001 helping hands to build classrooms and develop sustainability plus supported during the earthquake their temporary facilities for three years and now with the help of Carritas they have new classrooms and we have repaired some of the earlier rooms we had built to make an extraordinary education facility to go forward in 2075! Blessings and good wishes to everyone! I am also delighted that our two classrooms at Gyaltham Melamchi college campus built from local mud and bamboo to support their agriculture and technical skills direction is also now ready to be used. I look forward to our continued collaboration to further the education and empowerment of the children and youth in these communities and to give teachers good reasons to engage their passion for teaching!

A big thank you to Neel Shahi and TEAM Nepal and Rajan Lamichhane, Bikash Shahi, Krishna Dhungana and and many others who have really contributed their hearts into their communities to ensure education security for their children and the children still to come. If you would like to help support education in Nepal please make a donation via - there continues to be ongoing projects to evolve! News on that coming sometime soon!