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As 2018 draws to a close...

31st December 2018

As 2018 draws to a close I am reflecting on this past year and the personal learnings I have gained. I am left with a compelling understanding of the power of love – how much love can heal and change lives.
This year I have witnessed many people from different places, cultures and backgrounds face traumatic and heart-wrenching difficulties and challenges. It has been (and still is) a privilege to bear witness and be a person of support as friends – and sometimes strangers – travel through deep emotions and touch depths of blackness and grief most of us rarely meet.
My own challenging personal journey in my younger life has prepared me, evolved me into a person who looks through a wider lens of life. It has influenced my choices and therefore the opportunities I have embraced. This, in turn, has enabled me to face many of my fears and deepen my understanding the mystery of life. It has allowed me to open into love and compassion and find the grace and wisdom that flows from an open mind and heart. I would rejoice to see us all embrace this wider view.
As I write I am inspired to invite all of you, my friends, to explore within your own heart – how might you be more open and loving in the relationships you find yourself in? Life is incredibly precious – and so short. Even though we are amazingly resilient as a species, as individuals we can shift from life to death in an instant. It is truly a gift to be a human being, a gift we may not fully appreciate in every moment. Yet when we are confronted with death, with loss of a beloved, we realise so intimately the treasure of life – our own and others. Do we dare to truly live – and more importantly do we dare to love?
We are hardwired in our neurobiology for empathy and caring. Yet this basic humanity can be overridden by our limiting beliefs and – often in our western world – by our busyness, our need to be loved, to belong, to be accepted, our need to “do” what we think we need to do. If we dare to question our automatic conditioning we may indeed find a well of wisdom and love that knows no limitation.
How would it be if we opened ourselves to our natural vulnerability, into feeling what we really feel – right here right now? Probably most of us would feel quite overwhelmed and out of balance. We have not learned how to feel what we are actually experiencing in each moment. Yet the potential is that would feel more connected with one another, more caring towards each other and ourselves. We may gain access to a natural loving power that can help us meet any challenge or trauma that may present in our lives. We may open into unconditional compassion and wisdom.
Crisis often draws us into situations, emotions and dynamics we would not normally choose. Often in crisis situation we come together with our natural impulse to support one another. When another person expresses their vulnerability we are invited and encouraged to reveal our own. A bond can form in a shared expression of vulnerability, helplessness and unknown. A bond that transcends automatic borders of race, gender, culture and previous grievances can mature us into a new level of understanding, humanity and connection.
Perhaps, in that moment, we are forging in the vulnerability a power of mysteriousness – a bond of love and connection. A bond of love that each of us, at a deep soul level, long for. A bond of being seen, understood, held, and loved for no other reason than we simply exist. How many of us have longed to just be held? To be seen? To be understood without having to explain ourselves or justify our actions (or inaction)? To simply be loved.
I have witnessed and experienced in multiple forms the power of vulnerable, unconditional love. It is a force beyond what any words can describe. A healing wave that can integrate trauma and help evolve a person more deeply into their own humanity.
It is not a cliché – love does heal.
As this year of 2018 draws to an end, I invite all you my beloved friends to reflect and explore love, and perhaps, as we slide into 2019, to allow more love to be present in our lives. And please – tell those who you love that you love them. We often assume ‘oh they know’ yet the hearing of those simple words can profoundly open a person into vulnerability and connection.
We all need to know we are loved and to hear it – again and again. Sometimes the behaviours are unpleasant/not nice of our loved ones yet I encourage us all to share ‘to the human being deep within’ that we love them. I share again – love does heal. Consistency and time maybe be required – ‘I am here, I love you’ may need to be repeated again and again within yourself and out loud in words to another for it to be truly received. I encourage each of you to embrace courage to stay in the space of love even when it seems untenable – love does heal.
I wish for all of us an easier 2019 ... may we all keep love as our guide and doorway to wisdom and healing 💕