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Kira’s 2019 New Year Message

1st January 2019

Kira’s recorded New Years message while watching the sunrise in the Whian Whian forest tuning into what 2019 may hold for all of us.

“ … it maybe that some of those challenges, conflicts and confusions from 2018 may indeed overflow into 2019 and although that may be a little depressing for some to hear know that there is also new horizons and growth that can come from this … doorways into depth of vulnerability and feelings which leads us into compassion and heart spaces we may never access without those deep experiences opening the door into ourselves and a different potential of connecting with one another.”

“ I encourage us to leave some open space, allow for the vulnerability and for the mystery, for what we do not know – often we conclude what is going to happen but perhaps there are other aspects that we cannot see that might positively influence, that allow more light and grace into whatever the challenge may be …”
“Challenges will happen … see if you can look for the small growth, the small bits of light, the glimpses – this can remind you during the difficulties that there may indeed be new happenings/horizons further down the path of the year and beyond that are not visible right now.”

“I encourage you to explore and experiment with kindness and love, to yourself and each other … the power of love and caring … we are all very fragile … reach out to friend, a loved one, a stranger and let them know that you care. Many people feel very alone and a friendly word, a soft touch, a caring gesture might be just the thing we need to remember …”
“Sometimes we do really need to ask for help, to say directly ‘I need some help’ and then the other part is to let it in. When the help, the love and care shows up in your life allow it – give the gift of receiving.”

“ … if we allow ourselves to truly embrace what is within us, in our heart, allowing that sensitivity, we do find a strength, a power that comes out of the softness. The understanding that allows us to continue during the challenging times and allows us to enjoy the beauty and the grace that is also with us. It may not always be easy to see the grace – but if you practice you begin to see it is with us here all the time and begin to see that this love and caring is the thread that connects all of us, part of our natural life force."

“In 2019 I invite that we embrace all that shows up and use the challenges to open us into grace and love … I look forward to seeing many of you on the path this year … I love you … “