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Embracing through uncertainty and the unknown

18 March 2020

Who will join me in choosing to embrace uncertainty and the unknowns, along with our individual and collective vulnerability, to rise with kindness and compassion toward each other and ourselves? To see the possibilities within disturbances – to see rainbows 🌈 in the grey clouds?

We are in uncertain and (in my humble opinion!) interesting times. The perturbation that is arising along with the COVID-19 virus is something that we are all affected by. I feel that what is unfolding makes clear our interdependence in a way that was maybe not so obvious in our day-to-day lives last year or even last week. Perhaps this time of uncertainty will bring about new insights for all of us and maybe (hopefully!) more compassion and kindness, too. 💕

Within my own life, I do feel called to be more mindful of other people’s vulnerabilities in ways I have not always considered or included. No longer can I only view my own resilience and good health and think “oh I am fine, the virus will not affect me.” Indeed the virus may not directly affect me; maybe I do not contract the virus. And maybe I do. Either way, I can be a carrier for those with whom I am in contact, individuals that may not have such resilience or strong immune system. I realised this week that I truly need to consider “us/we” in all that I do, as each person I am in contact with affects the next.

For this human and vulnerable reason I ask that all my clients be understanding that I am switching to video or phone sessions and not conducting in person sessions – to support all of us.

This past week, through what I consider reliable and first-hand information from medical people, and scientists who have worked with viruses for many years, I became more aware of some of the medical impact of this current virus. I profoundly realised on another level that we have a collective responsibility to care for one another.

Not everyone will get really sick with this virus, most of us probably will not. But some of us will. We can however ALL work together in a supportive way to minimise the impact. We can support our friends and families who are on the medical front line who, no matter what happens, will be exposed to extra stress and working hours in the next weeks and months. Additionally we can support those most vulnerable to being severely affected medically and economically.

I am not a medical person or health practitioner so please seek your own advice regarding taking the best care healthwise.

I can however suggest and encourage that we all take more care with basic hygiene. Washing hands with soap and water does help! Minimising physical contact with each other, as we would during a classic flu season, is important during this acute infectious period. Where possible avoid travel and contact with groups of people, particularly with those who are vulnerable (e.g. the elderly or those with already compromised health). These are the basic recommendations given out by most health practitioners and ministries.

I also add a few non-classical points that I feel can support of all us!

1. Physical contact is not the only way to connect – phone, text, video skype with beloveds, family and friends. Especially those who may be most vulnerable. Even a short text message may uplift someone feeling a bit down or concerned with what is happening. If you do have good health, maybe look at supporting neighbours or family who could benefit from additional help with shopping or cooking or running errands or child care.

2. Explore creative ways to socially connect. I loved the viral videos of the Italian communities singing and sharing of music from balcony to balcony! I am sure that there are many other ways that we can evolve social connection without our familiar formats – lets get socially creative! Ideas that maybe continue and evolve long past this current circumstance.

3. Invest in healthy vulnerability – most people are feeling disturbed in one way or another right now. Instead of investing in judgments or criticism (in any direction) perhaps give space for simply “not knowing.” My feeling is that even many experts (medical and economical) do not know clearly what is going to unfold and we can all be better served by holding an open space to “not know.” Allow life to unfold and show us all deeper truths and information and to help us stay in open vulnerability instead of any form of righteous knowing or resistance. This way be may be surprised with outcomes in positive and unexpected forms both personally and collectively.

4. Be caring, tolerant and kind to one another – even strangers! A smile and a kind word does have a ripple affect. Especially during this time when many people are possibly activated into old trauma and fears not directly related to the virus. The general miasma of fear that is about in the media may have a compounding effect for many people’s normal anxiety resilience and can activate them into behaviours or actions that are not helpful, while the added stress can also reduce their biological immunity. Being more tolerant, kind and caring can be of real support in a time like this and that ultimately supports all of us.

5. Be community minded – whether it is in the supermarket and shopping sensibly so that everyone has chance to buy essential items, or in how you respond the wider restrictions in place. It all has an effect in making an easier, safer and kinder environment for all of us. I think of it as treating everyone around us as it they are a close friend or beloved – in truth, we are all family, even those we may not like so much! And there is a very real effect of slowing down the contagion curve so our friends and family in the medical field can truly cope with those that really need the help, and those that still need medical help no matter the virus impact. This is all of us working together to co-create an easier flow of energy.

6. Be open to innovation and inspiration arising. Many of us will be forced into situations we have not been in before, for example: working from home; being alone; dealing with basic survival and economic hardship; having to communicate differently. Whatever is your personal challenge, look upon it best you can as a chance to innovate and explore new possibilities. Maybe you have a chance to try out some of those ideas you never thought you would have time to get to? Or even just to have a good rest?

7. Enjoy this time of social change as a chance to reflect and examine your life from a different and perhaps quieter perspective. Often our lives are so busy we do not take the time for such reflection. This unique circumstance creates a natural opportunity to deepen into our own intuition and inner wisdom. Meditate, take walks in nature, paint, write, draw ... explore your inner world! A time to slow down. Time to simply “be”. A chance for deeper listening within yourself to messages of guidance that have been waiting for you.

8. Laughter is truly good medicine for our body, mind and spirit! Inspire friends and family to share good humour, especially laugh-out-loud opportunities. Laughter can reduce stress and bring in healthy hormones into our body that boost our immune system as well counteract fear and anxiety.

9. Crisis can bring us together and it can also bring out the unpleasant selfishness. What we invest in individually and collectively is also what we harvest. We can positively infect our friends and family to use this time of crisis and uncertainty in proactive and uplifting ways. Inspire by engaging in activities that nourish creativity, innovation, reflection.

10. We all have an amazing well of inspiration, wisdom and healing within us. By embodying our alive vital energy we naturally enhance our body’s immune system. As well, it opens our mind and emotions to our creative potential. It can calm and console with compassion; it can arise and burn with new ideas; it can help us face difficult situations with courage and inspiration. Please explore your choices. 💖

11. Please include those who are very much in survival fear, their job and income source may be gone during this time and therefore their additional stress is affecting their capacity to cope or take of their own and their families’ primary needs. If you have the possibility to help financially or otherwise – please do so! Explore the theme of giving unconditionally as I can wholeheartedly speak from experience that you gain much more than you give 🙏

Most of us will likely be totally ok if we catch the virus – but it is our vulnerable 4% that need the mindfulness of all us. Most of us have a family member or friend who is in that 4% which makes us all much closer if we think on that more deeply. Once again I mention that if we are all mindful of our actions we can minimise the potential contagion impact curve and reduce the pressure on medical services - which are often stretched at the best of times.

As you go about your day remember to breathe and pause – to remember that you have support and guidance within you all the time. We are in the midst of a challenging time that is innately rich with possibilities. Allow space for the mystery to support you, to be a guide and comfort in the midst of this crisis. Our governments and medical experts are human, they can only give guidance to the best of their capacity. Ultimately we are ALL responsible or, as I like to put it, capable of the ability to respond! 💫

On a final note: I see this as a potential to re-set: individually and collectively. Whatever unfolds in the next weeks and months, our world is changing. If we can use this time to innovate using our intuition and insights along with compassion to contribute in a healthy way to our own and our collective re-set, then I feel we could look back on this crisis time as a gift. It truly is up to each one of us what unfolds. I hope you join me in uplifting choices!

Heartfelt love & cyber hugs, Kira 💕

PS: did you notice the rainbow 🌈 within this photo?!