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Natural Born Woman

A call to all Women

A call to all Women
It is time for us to stand simply and truly in ‘who we really are’!!

Time to let go of our outdated expectations of ‘man’ and gain a clearer perspective of ‘woman’, and most certainly time to let go of beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that limit us living our potential. Lets shrug them off like clothes we no longer fit into, and instead be naked, alive – ourselves.

Time to be freely the Natural Born Woman that you are …

I say this from a place of deeply feeling that as a collective, and individually, we women are not living out our potential, not allowing ourselves to live our powerful magnificence. We have so much to give – to ourselves, to each other, our families, friends – the whole of the world. So rather than ‘complain’ about the state of our relationships/family, the state of the world, how about we make constructive contributions?!

We are innately born with everything that we need – intelligence, alive energy, intuition, communication skills, collaborative intention, empathy, compassion, love, sexuality, strength, perseverance, passion … and oh so so so much more! What we do with these natural born gifts is up to us – we do have choice. We do not need to follow our mothers and grandmothers in the automatic conditioned roles – and we most certainly do not want to gift our daughters the burden of compromise and complaint! I would want my daughters to know about ‘living her magnificent potential’, for her to feel free and gift the world with her uniqueness.

I have been working with women in a variety of circumstances over the last 25 years, and am a woman myself, so I do feel I can speak with some authority on the topic of the natural power of women!

During the past several years within my volunteer work in Nepal I have witnessed extremely poor women in remote rural and city areas who, after being given the possibility of starting a small business for themselves, then given the support and encouragement so that they can ‘trust themselves’ to make an income for their family – they then do so. Plus, most of these women I have met have also then ‘found their voice’. In realising their capabilities and that they can achieve, that they can make a difference, they begin to realise many other points in their life and community situation that they can speak out about, can offer solutions, can ask for help or begin initiatives. This has been deeply touching and inspiring for me to be a part of.

How would it be if we as women, used our natural gift of coming together, of communication, of intuition, and used this to support each other, to encourage each other in new initiatives? Using out natural abilities to network and spread new information and new ways of acting in the world, we can make a huge difference! We women are in fact the slightly greater majority on the planet, and if you then include the children in our care, we are a clear majority! So can we let our voice be heard?

It can be helpful to identify our limiting beliefs and attitudes, and then to release outdated views on gender roles. The world in which we are living is clearly in change. What better way to move with change than to change ourselves? Or a better way to say it is perhaps to say respond to the invitations that life changes are inviting in each one of us and collectively.

As we women change, become more in tune with our natural gifts, we also create a natural space for men in their evolution. For both gender roles are in movement. Many men in all spectrums of life are finding their definition of male role is changing, and many have no idea of what this means. And frequently us women are contributing to that confusion by expecting our partner/father/son/brother/colleague to fit a whole spectrum of ideals – which may not fit for him, nor be in tune with his potential.

So, how do we do it differently? My thought on this is that both women and men need to be more honest – with themselves and with each other. In this way a fresh clarity and level of harmony that we have not yet had on the planet between the genders can evolve.

How can we start doing that?

I suggest take a moment and contemplate for yourself the places in your life where you feel you are not feeling you are fulfilled, or where you are not living how you would like. Best if you can write down the points, it can give you a different viewpoint by writing it down and then reading it back to yourself.

Perhaps take a contemplative look at why you feel not fulfilled – notice how many times you might say something like ‘well because my husband/boyfriend doesn't…..; or ‘I need a partner to …’; or ‘I want my partner to do/meet my…’; or ‘when I have a partnership then ….’ etc.

Additionally take a review at where and how you might be compromising. A good indication of where you are compromising is to look at where you have complaint – especially when it concerns another person (your partner?!). I know very few women who are not compromising. And, I say this with a smile, knowing my own journey and surprise at seeing my own complaint/compromise links! Plus I can add, in seeing it clearly how much more space for me has opened up.

It can also be helpful to explore your dreams and visions – those invitations in your life asking you to step into your magnificence, that take you to the edge of your comfort zone – and help you to fly! Maybe they are not dreams but indeed clear views into your new potential?

It can also be helpful to ‘include’ all of you. The wide variety of thoughts, emotions, background, experiences – nothing in you is ‘wrong’ NO THING! This is really true. Take a look for yourself, ask yourself, reflect on every thing you judge in yourself. Somehow it has all been an instrument of your learning of ‘you’ helping to unlock and support an opening of you understanding your own humanity and others.

I can honestly and heart-fully say I am writing this from my own journey of experience. It has only been in recent years that I have realised that perhaps my own experiences and learned wisdom can be of help and support to other women. So I am following my own inner calling in making this ‘call to all women’! And in this I sincerely feel I am supporting mankind, our male counterparts and our own sisterhood – if we stand up and ‘BE’ alive then we truly have something to aspire towards – a new possibility of human potential.

I have the feeling I will be writing more on this topic, so stay tuned and explore for yourself your own natural born woman! (& natural born man, for the men reading this!) I will be interested to hear from you as you experiment with some of the above suggestions!

With love and aliveness, Kira
Evening coming together with women in Kira's home to explore who we are today as women.